Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome Thomas Russell Middle School Community to the 2020 - 2021 Academic School Year!

Middle school is a period during which students begin to truly construct their self-image. We, the staff of Thomas Russell Middle School (TRMS), strive to aid students in this important endeavor and have them leave us inspired, nurtured, and well-rounded critical thinkers who are prepared to be successful contributors to the world by providing a wide array of academic and social emotional experiences. At Russell, students are placed in one of five teams to allow them the opportunity to build a connection with both a core set of adults and a cohort of peers who are eager learners. Though the world changed in March 2020 due to COVID-19, this basic truth about middle school and our foundational practice of teaming persist.

In March, students, and by extension their families, began distance learning, called EducatEverywhere in Milpitas, with the guidance of their teachers. As you know, on July 17th Governor Newsom directed basically all school districts to begin this year in 100% distance learning. As we begin EducatEverywhere ver. 2.0, Russell will continue to encourage students to take an active role in gaining knowledge by assisting them in becoming self-directed learners who recognize the importance of being outstanding leaders in our global society by respecting diversity, righting wrongs and seeking innovative solutions to problems. Students will still be required to attend virtual classes, attendance will be taken and grades given. Russell's teachers and administrators have worked to refine our processes to give students the richest version of EducatEverywhere this Fall, based on our learning from Spring 2020.

TRMS also recognizes the vital role each family plays in their student's academic journey. COVID-19 has highlighted the necessity of strong family-school partnerships to provide the safety net for all of students to strive to reach their fullest potential. We invite each family to be an active part of their child's experience at TRMS. Joining PTSA or attending a virtual Russell meeting such as School Site Council or a Russell GRWL serves as just a few examples of how to do so. Knowing that a diverse group of adults, whether they work within or outside of TRMS, cares about their academic and emotional success is how we help them to build a more equitable tomorrow. Together, parents and staff will encourage and inspire our Russell Wolverines to become perseverant young people who seek to not only be the best they can be but also make the world a better place.

Sean Anglon


Thomas Russell Middle School