Interested in preparing for this year's math acceleration tests?

If your current math course is 

Math 7, Math 8A, or Math 8

Math Acceleration Resources M7 & 8A

If your current math course is 

IM1 or IM1/IM2

Math Acceleration Resources IM1 & IM2

TRMS is a proud sponsor of the Math Olympiad!

Google Classroom link HERE

What is Math Olympiad?

Math Olympiad is dedicated to stimulating enthusiasm, fostering creativity, and strengthening intuition in mathematical problem solving.

How Does It Work?

TRMS will host a live 30 minute contest monthly from November-March (dates to be announced).  Your contest score and ranking is the cumulative score of the 5 contests. Contests cannot be retaken;  if a participant misses a contest they automatically score 0 for the missed contest.

How Do I Get Ready?

Each contest has 5 questions.  Students registered through TRMS can attend practice sessions. For additional practice students may purchase materials from MOEMS HERE.

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