Team Chats

TRMS Parents/Guardians,

Last week, 2/6/18, administration concluded TRMS Team Chats with Team Excellence. For those of you not familiar with Team Chats, they are short presentations that administration conducts with the five academic teams. This month's Team Chat adresse the following:

  1. Attendance: New goal for the month is to reduce our previous month's tardies by 10%. Students will receive Free Dress Fridays for a month if attendance goal is reached.
  2. Before School: Students are not allowed to hang out in front of the school in the morning. If arriving before 8:15 a.m., they need to enter the campus and go to the Learning Center. The rule also falls under the Student Drop Off and Pick Ups policy of the MUSD Reference Handbook for Parents 2017-18.
  3. Discipline: Recent incidents that have occurred were shared with students and staff. In addition, a reminder of our discipline policy was also reviewed. Some examples:
    • damaged Chromebooks
    • inappropriate joking - sexual comments
    • inappropriate horseplay in PE - “pantsing”
    • insulting others: posting inappropriate notes on others belongings
    • misuse of inhaler, brushes/combs
    • pocket knife brought to school
    • theft
  4. Halfway of the School Year - Pay attention to your academics; PLP, iReady, promotion policy, etc..
  5. Lunch Lines: In order to have the lunch lines go faster, students are to have their ID's out and ready to scan. Failure to have their ID will result in going to the end of the line. This new policy began on 2/9/18.
  6. PE Reminders: Shorts, shirts, sweats are not permitted outside of PE. Hoodies are allowed.
  7. Probation Lis: Probation List is posted around campus.