Anti-Bully Month - October 2017

October Anti-Bully Month Activities:

  • Anti-Bully Month Teacher Directions 2017-18
  • Homeroom Schedule Week 1
  • Kick off Anti-Bully Month: Monday, October 2nd. - Class w/the highest participation gets a pizza party at lunch on Friday.
    • Mon. 10/2 - Wear Blue. Go Blue and Represent Peace.
      • Homeroom Activity: Watch video.
    • Tues. 10/3 - Wear White. Be someone’s Guardian Angel
      • Homeroom Activity: Continue video.
    • Wed. 10/4 - Wear school colors, green & white. Unity Day
    • Thur. 10/4 - Dress like a builder. Peace Builder Day. Build each other up.
      • Homeroom Activity: Continue video.
    • Fri. 10/5 - Free Dress. Eat lunch with someone new. No one eats alone day.
    • Homeroom Activity: Debrief video.
  • Homeroom Schedule Week 2

10/10: Teacher distributes purple ribbon and pins for students to wear. Share the “What to Do If You Are Witnessing Harassment of Anyone” sheet with the students. Watch What is an Upstander Video?. On the backside, read the “Upstander Agreement with the students and discuss.” Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

10/11-10/12: Have students think about a 1. situation where a bully is doing something and an upstander intervenes appropriately. Ask students to create a situation and share with classmates. The best one should be filmed and submitted to Ms. Poulin’s shared folder by 10/20. The best video will be evaluated and that class will receive a donut party before the end of October.

10/13: Teacher announces No Room for Bullying Door Decorating Contest. Class creatively designs how the classroom door on the outside can reflect a No Bully Zone. Doors will be evaluated and the winning homeroom door will receive a pizza party at the end of the month. Contest ends on 10/20.

10/21 9-12 p.m., : The community will come together to paint the exterior of the door to match the students’ ideas. Students and teachers are welcome to assist. Postponed until a future date due to the air quality.

Homeroom Schedule Week 3

10/23: Teacher has students watch GMTR and complete Bully Survey online. The survey is also located on the school website.

10/24: Teacher has students watch GMTR, and teacher facilitates a conversation about any bullying experience the teacher might be comfortable sharing.

10/25: Teacher has students watch GMTR and has students reflect on what teacher shared the day before.

10/26: Teacher has students watch GMTR, and teacher reinforces Peacebuilder Pledge and how it connects with the anti-bully movement. Pair students and have them write a Peacebuilder Praise Notice to one another. Collect them and post them in your classroom. Parents will receive an email to complete a Praise Notice for their child to have it posted at school. Students should bring praise notice to school on Friday.

10/27: Teacher shows GMTR and collects parents praise notices. Sort into teams. Students take a stand and select 3 things that each homeroom class will do to combat bullying. You might want to also have them think beyond just the classroom (social media).

Homeroom Schedule Week 4

10/30: Teacher shows GMTR. Students in class are provided with a fake situation to respond to while it seems as if the teacher is not paying attention in the class. Students react to the situation. Teacher shares that the situation was fake and sees if the students in the class handled the situation correctly.

10/31: Teacher shows GMTR and ASB counts costumes. There is a modified schedule that ASB is still working on with the PRIDE Committee.

11/1: No School for Students

11/2: Modified Schedule Final Anti-Bully Month Activity - Seeing the Value in Others Assembly

  • Oct. 11 6-8 p.m. @ TRMS Learning Center: Cybersafety and Understanding Cyber-Bullying Workshop for Parents and Students

Things to Come:

11/6: Create Anti-Bully Task Force. Look for 1-2 students from every homeroom.

11/6: Nov. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13: Mindfulness Activity - Ms. Steward Homeroom Chat Time

12/4-8: Dialog with students how they have handled bullying, their experiences, etc. [First Week of Each Month Team Chats] Nov., Dec. Jan. Feb. March, April, May