Life-Long Learning Standards

Life-Long Learning Standards

Students will be collaborative workers who:

  • Define and work toward achievement of group goals.
  • Use interpersonal skills effectively
  • Acknowledge the opinions and contributions of others.
  • Perform a variety of roles within a group.

Students will be self-directed learners who:

  • Prioritize, evaluate and adjust personal actions affecting well-being.
  • Manage time efficiently.
  • Manage personal resources; e.g., money and property.

Students will be participants in society who:

  • Actively and positively contribute to a community (including the classroom).
  • Take responsibility for their actions.
  • Understand social issues and respect different points of view.

Students will be information processors who:

  • Use a variety of resources and techniques to gather information.
  • Adapt to new ideas and changing technologies.
  • Identify and select the appropriate resources and technologies for given tasks.

Students will be effective communicators who:

  • Speak clearly and correctly to a variety of audiences.
  • Read for understanding, listen actively and ask clarifying questions.
  • Express thoughts and convey information in correct written form.
  • Use the most appropriate medium to present information.

Students will be complex thinkers who:

  • Identify and solve problems in a variety of settings.
  • Make decisions reasonably, logically, and flexibly.
  • Recognize choices in applying ideas and concepts.