Hello Parents of TRMS students,

I am the yearbook advisor, Ms. Norris. And I have important information to share about our 2021 yearbook. This year, more than ever, is the time to buy a yearbook for your student because it's a keepsake of what we did in our distance learning classes during this global pandemic. I can tell you first hand, the Russell community is not only getting through this, but many of us are doing amazing things. This book captures the resilience of our students and teachers! I hope you will consider purchasing this special 2021 yearbook.

Here's a summary of some of the special features of our yearbook this year:

1) Each student gets two custom pages* (FREE!) that are printed into the yearbook !

2) We have digital signatures* so students (and parents!) can exchange signatures this year! and they can be printed as "custom pages" see link below for more information about this.3) Yearbooks will get shipped to your home.4) You have cost saving options like buying a hard-cover versus a soft-cover.

You do not need a passcode to buy the yearbook...but you will need to create an account to buy a yearbook.

If you would like to buy a yearbook click the link below!

If you want to find out more about custom pages or digital signatures,

I've included those links as well.



Information about digital signatures here

Info about Custom Pages here

**Please be aware that to take advantage of the "custom pages" feature AND "digital signatures" you must have that completed by mid-April.