School Profile

Thomas Russell Middle School is a safe and welcoming environment where all students are valued, challenged, and successful. Russell is an exemplary member of the Milpitas Unified School District, and a proud recipient of the California Distinguished School and Model PeaceBuilder® School awards. Russell owes its success to the commitment of all stakeholders in creating a safe haven for learning. Our goals are student focused, teacher driven, and community based, as we believe education goes beyond the classroom.

Thomas Russell Middle School is located in the center of the Silicon Valley and serves a diverse population of approximately 800 seventh and eighth grade students. Russell reflects MUSD’s position as the 12th most diverse district in the nation. Russell’s strong school community encourages active student participation in clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities. Programs like student leadership, yearbook, fine and performing arts promote student involvement in creating and maintaining an exciting and nurturing place for all.

Interdisciplinary teams provide small learning communities in which students are known and supported. Our PRIDE Program uses teambuilding to reward students for academic achievement and improvement. Frequent teacher collaboration assures curriculum alignment, ongoing analysis of student performance, and early identification of student needs. Our Student Success Team process, Team Tutorials, Homeroom Interventions, student counseling, ELL, and Special Education programs are structured to support the various needs of students. Additionally, students can choose from a variety of elective courses that enhance the core curriculum and provide experience in fine arts, leadership, multi-media and life skills. This comprehensive, integrated academic program resulted in Russell’s sustained success.

While academic success is of paramount importance, Russell’s students are encouraged to be life-long learners through activities that build character, organizational skills and poise. All students participate in Student-Led Conferences and Exit Interviews, for which they create portfolios of their best work. They prepare presentations of this work and share it with their families and members of the Milpitas community. Students also learn to be active, productive members of their community through Service Learning Projects. The focus on excellence also extends to the adults of Russell. Our staff embraces life-long learning through professional development that enhances knowledge of standards-based curriculum and state adopted materials and methods. Teachers share best practices with colleagues to create an environment of academic excellence. The parents of Russell are an integral part of our success; approximately 80% of parents participate regularly in school programs like the School Site Council, Multi-Cultural and Career Days, awards assemblies, sporting events, Student-Led Conferences, and Parent Academies.

Thomas Russell Middle School marks the beginning of a journey towards a productive and successful adulthood for our students. We are proud of our rigorous academic focus that creates active learners, our energetic school culture that creates leaders and model citizens.